Even If Your Company Is Online

03 Sep 2016 | Posted by: wowadmin | Categories: Online

There’s Something You’re Probably Missing.


ONE thing is for sure. Everybody is online. Your company. Your audience. Your competitors. They’re all over social media. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat. (Ask your kids.)

What about SEO? Keywords? How about your online ads? Oh, and mobile. What’s driving the most traffic to your website? Is it converting? Know where all your money is going? If you have a hunch you might be missing something, you don’t have to worry about finding it. You just need to find us.

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07 Apr 2014 | Posted by: wowadmin | Categories: New Work, Online

WOW is pleased to announce the launch of Hawaii Mutual Insurance Company’s all new website – Starting with a brand foundations exercise to define the company’s identity, we quickly transitioned into a thorough content audit and discovery phase.

HEMIC’s executive team proved to be ideal partners, working closely with us to put together the information architecture and content strategy for not one, but five key audiences. Everything that could be streamlined, simplified and automated was reworked to create the best user experience possible. 

This meant integrating everything from a streaming video service to a medical records management and billing services without sacrificing the friendliness and accessibility of the company whose name starts with the word “Hawaii.”

In addition to the many pages of the website that were rewritten from scratch, we were delighted to produce a video that captured the company’s energy and innovative spirit, answering the question: “Why HEMIC.” 

Featured Video – “WHY HEMIC”  Video

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